No animal in the whole world is more worthy of the fullest and undivided regard, the friendship and love of man, than the dog. Alfred Brehm (1829-1884)

Ten pleas a dog makes to his owner

Ten pleas a dog makes to his owner
  1. My life expectancy is only 10-15 years. I suffer every time you leave me. Think about it, before you decide to take me home.
  2. Give me enough time to understand your wishes.
  3. Graft faith in me, I thrive from it.
  4. Do not be anygry with me for long and do not confine me as punishment. You have your job, your pleasures, your friends, I only have you.
  5. Talk to me! Even though I may not understand your words, I do understand the voice that speaks to me.
  6. Always be aware of how you treat me, for I will never forget.
  7. Keep in mind, before you beat me, my jaws could easily crush your hands, but I would never use them against you
  8. Before you call me lazy and slow, consider that I may be sick or have a spent heart.
  9. Take care of me, when I get old, you too will be old someday.
  10. Walk every difficult path with me. Do not say: I cannot do it or it should happen in my absence:

Everything is easier together with you!

Why this is so important for us!

We have been observing that people just send a short mail or sms to enquire about our dogs. Oftentimes these enquiries lack the basics of courtesy because they only consist of two sentences: “Do you still have puppies?” and “how much are they?”

We generally ignore such enquiries.

We are not selling puppies at a loss and we do not haggle, because our dogs are not rummage goods. People who are honestly interested will contact us personally and will keep this contact for as long as their puppy is alive. Our puppies are raised with lots of love and time spent and we expect the future owners of our dogs to continue our work. Also do not forget to care for our dog’s health and wellbeing. Keeping a dog species-appropriate and caring for it can entail a fundamental financial effort. Future dog owners should be aware of this. Furthermore we expect our puppies to be picked up personally. We do not wish to deal with a third party. We absolutely require personal contact prior to purchasing a puppy. We will be delighted to receive enquiries from future dog-owners that are seriously interested and would love to give our puppies into RESPONSIBLE hands.

You tell me that it is a sin that a dog is dearest to me oh human, a dog will be faithful to me in a storm, a human though not even when it’s windy. Franz von Assisi (1182-1226) Founder of the Franciscian Order

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