Never let them go alone

(….) Ich want you to know this, you where the centre of their world, FOR AS LONG AS THEY LIVED. They may be just a part of your life, but for them you are their whole family. It is hard every time, no question. And it is hard for us humans to lose them, but PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE. Don’t let them meet death in a place they do not like, surrounded by people they do not know. Most people don’t know, but they should now, is THAT THEY WILL SEARCH FOR YOU, IF YOU PLEAVE THEM. They watch every face in the room; they search for the person they love.

They don’t understand why you left them, now that they are afraid, sick and old, dying of cancer and needing your affection. Don’t be a coward, just because it is hard for YOU. (…)

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