“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) painter and philosopher

We are inconsolable, on the 9.1.2018 we were informed that Omara had been attacked and bitten to death by a mixed breed during her evening walk on the 8.1.2018. She was a 14 weeks old female that had been living with her family for only 5 days. Why are there so many of these attacks from dogs that are sometimes maladjusted and also have incompetent humans to lead them? We cannot understand. A healthy puppy that has been lovingly raised has had her life taken senselessly. Omara still had her life ahead of her. We are shocked and our thoughts are with the Maaz family, that is just as devastated. We believe that if the licence would be mandatory for all dog owners, something like this could not happen anymore. That is why we take this horrible incident as an occasion to express that we believe the dog owner’s licence should be mandatory for all dog owners. A tree must be bent while it is young, or it is much harder to teach a grown dog the basics in social contact. Experience shows that shelters are full of dogs that have not been educated properly, or were the breeding was a disaster in general. Human contact? No chance! Species-appropriate keeping? No chance! They have to grow up in dark shacks, infrequent feeding ,born into this world without a thought and unloved. And then these poor souls have to be “DUMPED” So it is first come first served, or whoever pays gets a dog, no matter if they have experience or any knowledge about the breed. Or the dog becomes a kid’s toy, and if doggy is not needed anymore we just dispose of him. Or even worse, these dogs become killers that behave the way the where formed. Only bad experiences with humans, no consequence and the occasional beating. We don’t have to look to south European countries and point our fingers, there is enough misery and ruined lives to be seen in Germany when it comes to man’s best friend. But it is always the dogs fault! No one cared to think that no dog is born a killer, killers are made. When will humanity wake up and recognize this barbarity.

S. Schlotte

Maybe the world would be a better place, if people got muzzles and dogs laws. George Bernhard Shaw (1856-1950) irish-british dramatician

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