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“A dog is the best friend you can buy. A dog is a heart on four legs.” Unknown

Dear lover of the Pekingese breed!
Pekingese have been bread since thousands of years as companion dogs. This breed is famous for its extravagant appearance and exceptional nature, which let it stand out from the other 400 dog breeds. The Pekingese is no a herding dog, not a hound dog, but a loving companion for people and has lots of admirers because of his special looks. Even though this dog may not run a marathon it does need exercise. Playing, running around and going for walks are an absolute must.

Sadly there are still breeders that adhere to obsolete breeding standards. For them, extreme traits are the goal. This means way too thick undercoat, a much too short nose and hair under the eyes that will almost hinder the dog’s eyesight. There are also still judges that will place these kinds of dogs on first place, for whatever reason. These poor creatures cannot enjoy their life, how should they? Cleary these dogs can’t walks more than two rounds around the block while panting and wheezing. Animal rights activists will call this a breeding of defects. Pekingese looked completely different in the fifties and sixties, of the twentieth century. They did not have as much fur and there was less tissue under their eyes. There are picture books and textbooks proving this fact. We love the Pekingese breed and therefore wish for this breed to be bred and judged by the new standard by breeders and judges alike, no matter what association they belong to. Do not be fooled by others, even though the Pekingese does not need as much action as for instance a terrier and loves some quiet and comfort they do enjoy some action and exercise. In humankind there are also more and less active people to be found. For the less active people, these dogs are a great alternative. The Pekingese lived in the palace of ancient China and was only to be found in the palace. His sturdy little legs were not allowed to touch common ground. His front legs were to be slightly bent, as to not be able to flee the palace. Everything was on purpose: thick undercoat, flat profile, slightly bent front legs etc. but not in the dimensions that can still be partially found today. Let us preserve this breed, the Pekingese; it is one of the toughest small breeds to be around. We put our heart and soul into the breeding of the Pekingese. Our breeding goal is clear: healthy, robust dogs that emit the pure joy of living and that are being bred with the new standard in mind. Enjoy a tour of our site, our puppies welcome you warmly. And if you like: contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions. Maybe a Pekingese will be your perfect partner in life.

S. Schlotte

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