Most beloved Tinchen, mother of lovely children. Born on Friday the 22.02.2008 and died on Saturday the 12.11.2011.

Tinchen, November 2010

Tinchen was not able to care for her babies herself. She lost her life the day her children were born because of recklessness and hubris of her vet. No Pekingese should ever be operated on without being intubated, because it is their life insurance. But her vet did, the second time. Our Vitalis also died because of this vet’s hubris. Ignorance and arrogance led to our two girl’s demise and we are speechless.
We are very much indebted to our Tinchen, we miss her endlessly and we will never forget Christina. She lives on in her children. We will never forget you, little mouse!

"Ich bin gegangen, nur einen kleinen Schritt und gar nicht mal weit. Und wenn Du dorthin kommst, wo ich jetzt bin, wirst Du Dich fragen - warum Du geweint hast."

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