It will take centuries of love, to repay the suffering that we have caused to animals. Franz von Assisi (1182-1226) Founder of the Franciscian Order

Our breeding goal:

We breed with governmental approval. Our breeding station and our general knowledge in regard to breeding has been checked by paragraph 11 of the animal welfare act. The last visit from the official veterinarian took place on the 05.04.2017 and there was no reason for an objection to be found.

Our puppies shall only be born to excellent matching mates, this means:

When choosing the parents of our litters, we take care that we choose parents from a healthy lineage and that their offspring will match the characteristics of the breed. We do not condone linebreeding, but we welcome genetic diversity all the more.

All of our dogs are regularly checked by a veterinarian. Dr. Enders from Bernburg/Saale is the vet of our choice who takes care of the wellbeing of our dogs.

We put our trust in him because of his ample knowledge and expertise paired with a great love for all animals. For Dr. Enders his job is his calling! All of our beloved dogs are taken care of and kept healthy by him (if they like it or not).

Thank you to the whole team!

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