We held our 5th puppy-meetup during the CACIB-Bundessiegerschau in Leibzig.

There were lots of registrations by or adoptive dog-parents and their darling dogs. Not only Pekingese, but also some of our Shih-Tzu foster children were there and so the joy of being reunited was huge. The atmosphere was great; there were lots of experiences to be shared and a continual coming and going. Awesome! We are definitely planning to repeat this lovely tradition.

Here is the meet-up in pictures.

These pictures where taken by several participants: The Findeis family, Mrs. Richter with Sissy, Ms. Messinger, Mr. Schädlich and some of our own. Thank you all!

The exhibitors with their lovely dogs 2012

3rd meet-up on 22. June 2014

A group picture of our guests for the puppy meetup 2014. All of the friends pictured waited patiently for the end of the show, to grant the picture some extra “brilliance”. Thank you all. Some of our former children and their personnel were already at home during the shooting of this picture. Too bad.

5th meetup on the 15.04.2018

We took two group pictures this year. Some visitors had to leave for home in the early afternoon because their journey to the meet-up took a few hours already. Even though we tried we sadly could not show all of our friends on the pictures, but we still want to thank all of the participants from the bottom of our heart and we will be pleased to see them and our former puppies again at the 6th puppy-meetup.

The exhibitors and onlookers with their darling dogs -2013. Including a good mood. A lovely tradition that will be carried on.

Group- pictures of the meetup in Leipzig on the 16.04.2016

In the end 90% of participants are pictured in the group-pictures. The long journey home was the reason. A big THANK YOU to all that came.

The Prehl family, our late visitors just took a seat on the 2nd picture, also Ike, Mala and Kuro with his personnel.

Puppy-meetup 2014 in Halle/Saale

4 Lunzberg guys currently in congruence, one will be the winner, Fu Ling!

Mrs. Richter, Mrs. Waldheim, Mrs. Neef & Mr. Schulten

Gathering at the ring

Saw “our” Ogmin again, a proud and beautiful “Lunzberger!. Afterwards came a time of searching!

We did not know anymore where he lived. The second owner was not willing to give us any information, not even after a written plea.
Still on Monday the 27.04.2015 we found out about his whereabouts. The Voorzee family from Roosendaal/Netherlands contacted us. They now provide Ogmin with the stable home that he deserves.

None of our friends and fellow dog parents could understand how Ogmin could just be passed on to the next person. Not for the first time!

This was his third move already even though he only completed his third year of life in march. A new owner every year, adjustment to a new place every year. How shall a small dog understand not to mention cope with such a situation. The breeder and breeding warden that bought the little one from us had no use for him anymore and so he just traded him in. A trade! Like a piece of furniture! Another dog shared his fate, UNBELIEVABLE!

We all hoped for the day we would find our Ogmin again and could get in contact with his new owners. Time worked for us and trough a stroke of fate we found out where his new residence, which he shares with his loving personnel, was.

We thank the Voorzee family for making the liberating call.

Woe to humanity, should only a single animal have a seat in the Last Judgement. Christian Morgernstern

Our meetup 2018 in Leizpig Markkleeberg

The pictures show the highlights of the day, so you can duly indulge in the memories.

Lashiwa and her foster mother.

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