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Shih Tzu are robust little dogs, that have been bred for centuries in Tibetan monasteries and later on also in the Chinese imperial palace. It strikes us that that this beautiful breed is being sold for knocked-down prices. There are too many “breeders” that think they have to breed dogs no matter what. They do not take the health and wellbeing of their dogs into consideration at all.
Legend has it that Shih Tzu where the companions of Buddah and that they could change their form to little lions if he wished so. These little lions do not deserve to be sold as bargain-puppies, according to the slogan “who sells the cheapest?” We fear for the poor puppies when we study internet or newspaper adverts. The Shih Tzu has become the dog of the season, which can only hurt the breed. Each dog should have a pedigree like each human has some sort of ID. The pedigree ensures that the breeder has been controlled by a breeders’ association. The dogs have to pass an exam, to be allowed to breed. Who controls breeders and the health of their dogs if they are not part of an association? Sometimes it is questionable if the puppies have ever seen a vet in their young lives that has taken care of necessary medical procedures like chipping and vaccination. This should be the standard procedure for every puppy. You have to plan an appropriate amount for a Shih Tzu that has been raised with love and care. These loveable and spirited dogs do not deserve to be degraded and to live their life as yard dogs.

S. Schlotte

As long as humans reason that animals have no feelings, animals have to sense that humans are not thinking. Ernst R. Hauschka (1926-2012) German aphorist

Even today Pekingese dogs are only to be bought for a high price. Being expensive is protecting them from leading the life of a pet dog that can be seen everywhere, which they do not qualify as at all. They are luxury dogs that belong to the kind of peculiar breeds that stem from human phantasy, about which Kasimir Edscheid talks about in his second handbook of luxury dogs:

“Please be mindful that this dog is firm in his belief that he does not exist for humans but rather that humans exist for him”.

Our little 10 year old lady, whom we saved from catastrophic conditions when she was really sick already, grew dear to us in no time. Even though our vet tried everything in his power we had to let her go over the rainbow bridge way too soon. But this little dog showed us, that it is not worthwhile to live without such a loveable creature.

S. Schlotte

Many people hardly know a thing about their dogs, except how much they were. 8Horst Stern, journalist & author born 1922)

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ” ― Roger A. Caras US write and photograph (1928-2001)

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